Did you know that your medical records are not as CONFIDENTIAL as you once believed?  For a long time now, people have been fooled into thinking that signing a privacy statement at their doctor guaranteed privacy about their personal information.  However, over this time your information WAS SHARED with others who had a vested interest in knowing YOUR personal medical information.  Insurance companies have used this information for years to decide whether or not to insure an applicant.  Law enforcement has access, as well as employers you may be seeking employment from, and even colleges you may be applying to.  Indeed, the sad truth in today’s world is that there is even more reason to suspect that your privacy is not being upheld by those you thought you could trust.

Is PRIVACY possible?  While much information continues to be open to scrutiny, you CAN choose to protect your counseling history with a psychotherapist.  When psychotherapists submit diagnoses to insurance companies, they have LABELED clients with a mental illness that then becomes part of clients’ medical records, and the door has been opened to further scrutiny by outside sources who may not have your best interests in mind.

In my psychotherapy practice, I do not submit patient diagnoses to insurance companies.  Indeed, my overarching emphasis on Positive Psychology, in which the issues people present are NOT considered pathological, prevents this.  I believe that people have the right to speak privately with a therapist and not have that information shared with companies that may scrutinize this information detrimentally.  We live in an age where too much of our personal information is available through technological means.  I seek to maintain the utmost in privacy for my clients by not participating in this mode of information sharing.

Take charge of your privacy by not allowing your insurance company access to personal information you prefer to keep private./

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