Half Full or Half Empty?

Those of us who live in New England are being treated to a spectacularly colorful fall season.  The temperatures have been warm, the skies sunny, and the trees glorious shades of yellows, oranges, and reds.  This display of colors advances, reaches its peak, and decreases, as leaves fall off the trees.  For some of us, any stage of the leaves’ life cycle fills us with awe and touches our hearts with JOY at the fantastic riot of color that fall IS.  For others, fall can be a time of sadness, because leaves falling from trees can symbolize a time of endings and loss.  When you look at a tree in the fall season, do you see it as a stunningly beautiful gift for you to feast your gaze upon?  Or do you feel the sadness that endings can be?  It’s as if we humans either see the tree’s gradual shedding of leaves as the “glass half full” or the “glass half empty.”  If you suffer from the “half empty” perspective about trees, chances are you see your everyday life from this perspective as well.  Did you know that you can CHANGE your feeling about this, and begin to view your daily life from a more positive perspective?  Try a FREE consultation to get to the ROOT CAUSE of why you see life from the “half empty” perspective.  You have a right to be joyful.  You have a right to more peace.  You have a right to experience the freedom from negative thinking.  It’s up to YOU to make the choice.

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