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Will the New Year be “Happy” for you?

carl jungAt the beginning of every year, we are bombarded with the wish “Happy New Year!” People use this quote good-naturedly for the most part; however for many of us, our past experience can cause a sense of gloom and doom that colors the very idea of just what it means to be happy.  Will the new year really be better than the last? Is it even possible to achieve a kind of happiness that can relieve the anxiety, depression, and grief that so many experience as part of their everyday lives?

I have an intuitive sense that 2014 will be a better year for many of us.  While I do not have any concrete evidence to offer you that this will come to pass, I have learned to trust my intuition over the course of my life.  Carl Jung, the famous psychiatrist of the 20th century, maintained that listening to the intuitive aspect of our personalities is vital to making positive decisions in life.  Joseph Campbell would call this “listening to your heart.”  I think if more people learned to balance their intuition with their logical minds, the world would be a better place.

Looking to the past, one positive development of the technological age is the fact that people can locate a mental health professional easily through use of a web search.  Increasing numbers of people have found the help they need to live better, more peaceful lives, as a result.  Looking ahead to the future, it seems that this trend will continue, especially because the latent stigma associated with seeking psychological help has been eased by the availability of technological information about mental health.  This is, indeed, a HOPEFUL sign.

Maybe 2014 will be the year that you feel empowered to help yourself feel better from mental health issues.  It only takes one call to a professional to tap into a WAY to lessen and even heal from the debilitating pain of these issues.

I hope 2014 will be the year YOU begin to feel better; and my wish for you is that-in this process-you will feel the peace, joy, and love that you so richly deserve.

Feel Better Naturally

It has long been known that raising “feel-good” hormones in your body makes people feel HAPPIER, more RELIEVED, and helps TREAT DEPRESSION.  One of the best ways to do this is through EXERCISE.  Exercise raises the feel-good hormone, Serotonin, in the brain.  Serotonin is the hormone that is also raised by taking anti-depressants.  While anti-depressants are certainly useful if you need them, it’s good to know that there is another way to raise feel-good hormones.  And you don’t have to be a marathon runner to achieve this!

I am lucky enough to be able to get my exercise through walking and yoga.  I love walking outside in nature, listening to the birds sing, smelling the smells of nature, and feasting my eyes on the sheer beauty around me.  This and my yoga practice is like meditation to me.  Check with your doctor before starting any exercise routine.  Start slowly.  If you’ve never walked for exercise, maybe consider a walk to your mailbox enough at first.  Slowly increase your distance and time.  Notice the wonder of being outside.  Let it feed your soul and change your perception about how you view your world.  If you are unable to walk, try sitting in a chair or even from your bed, move your arms and legs if you can to the best of your ability.   For those people with physical disabilities, there are other ways to raise serotonin levels, for instance, meditation and present-moment consciousness.  More about that in a future blog.

My wish for you is that you will begin to feel better soon.  Try exercise, if you can, and notice the difference it makes in your mood.

Half Full or Half Empty?

Those of us who live in New England are being treated to a spectacularly colorful fall season.  The temperatures have been warm, the skies sunny, and the trees glorious shades of yellows, oranges, and reds.  This display of colors advances, reaches its peak, and decreases, as leaves fall off the trees.  For some of us, any stage of the leaves’ life cycle fills us with awe and touches our hearts with JOY at the fantastic riot of color that fall IS.  For others, fall can be a time of sadness, because leaves falling from trees can symbolize a time of endings and loss.  When you look at a tree in the fall season, do you see it as a stunningly beautiful gift for you to feast your gaze upon?  Or do you feel the sadness that endings can be?  It’s as if we humans either see the tree’s gradual shedding of leaves as the “glass half full” or the “glass half empty.”  If you suffer from the “half empty” perspective about trees, chances are you see your everyday life from this perspective as well.  Did you know that you can CHANGE your feeling about this, and begin to view your daily life from a more positive perspective?  Try a FREE consultation to get to the ROOT CAUSE of why you see life from the “half empty” perspective.  You have a right to be joyful.  You have a right to more peace.  You have a right to experience the freedom from negative thinking.  It’s up to YOU to make the choice.



Did you know that your medical records are not as CONFIDENTIAL as you once believed?  For a long time now, people have been fooled into thinking that signing a privacy statement at their doctor guaranteed privacy about their personal information.  However, over this time your information WAS SHARED with others who had a vested interest in knowing YOUR personal medical information.  Insurance companies have used this information for years to decide whether or not to insure an applicant.  Law enforcement has access, as well as employers you may be seeking employment from, and even colleges you may be applying to.  Indeed, the sad truth in today’s world is that there is even more reason to suspect that your privacy is not being upheld by those you thought you could trust.

Is PRIVACY possible?  While much information continues to be open to scrutiny, you CAN choose to protect your counseling history with a psychotherapist.  When psychotherapists submit diagnoses to insurance companies, they have LABELED clients with a mental illness that then becomes part of clients’ medical records, and the door has been opened to further scrutiny by outside sources who may not have your best interests in mind.

In my psychotherapy practice, I do not submit patient diagnoses to insurance companies.  Indeed, my overarching emphasis on Positive Psychology, in which the issues people present are NOT considered pathological, prevents this.  I believe that people have the right to speak privately with a therapist and not have that information shared with companies that may scrutinize this information detrimentally.  We live in an age where too much of our personal information is available through technological means.  I seek to maintain the utmost in privacy for my clients by not participating in this mode of information sharing.

Take charge of your privacy by not allowing your insurance company access to personal information you prefer to keep private./

Feeling Better with Psychotherapy

Did you know that a very small percentage of people seek psychotherapy as a way to feel better about themselves? This percentage is a surprising ONE percent of the population! And yet psychotherapy, or talk-therapy with a trusted mental health professional, is the way to get to the CORE of troubling issues in one’s life.  Sadly, many people choose quick-fix solutions to feel better, but these kinds of solutions only treat the symptoms, not the core of the issue.  Indeed, some people choose to anesthetize troubling issues by masking them with alcohol or drugs, over-shopping, overeating, or any of the addictive “isms” people can fall prey to.  With these methods of coping, people can–temporarily–feel better.  Maybe for a few minutes, an hour, or a few hours.

Do you want “feeling better” to last longer, perhaps even for the rest of your life?  Psychotherapy may be for you.  While many people assume that seeking psychotherapy means there is “something wrong” with them, Faith wants to assure people that EVERYONE has issues from the past that impact our everyday lives, causing disruptions in our relationships with ourselves and others, both in the workplace and in our personal lives.  Talking about troubling feelings with a trusted professional can help you MAKE SENSE of past issues and thus engage in life in a new and meaningful way.

Make the change to feel better. Try psychotherapy. Faith offers a FREE first consultation, so you can experience first-hand what it’s all about.


Welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to Faith Sullivan’s psychotherapy blog.  I will be posting regularly information about how psychotherapy can help you to become more of the person you truly want to be.  Open your mind and heart to the inner journey and discover joy once again in your life.  Any questions?  Just post a comment and I will be glad to answer it.

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