Anxiety is the number one disorder diagnosed by mental health professionals in America today.  Anxiety is often associated with depression and develops into a disorder when key components of anxiety are present.  The first component is having been born with an extra-sensitive temperament.  Research has shown that biology plays an important role here.  Second, people who have anxiety personality traits, like perfectionism and all-or-nothing thinking, are more prone to develop an anxiety disorder.  Third, one’s present situation may be anxiety producing, so that – in combination with the 1st two anxiety components – it can lead to an overwhelming sense of anxiety that becomes very difficult to manage.

My initial work here helps people learn COPING TECHNIQUES which have been proven to lower anxiety levels.  Once these levels are reduced, I then help people uncover the CORE of their anxiety.  This approach FURTHER DECREASES the anxiety response, and can actually lead to the ELIMINATION of the underlying INNER CAUSE of anxiety altogether.

Our world is such a stressful place.  Learn how to bring anxiety levels down, so you can feel the PEACE and JOY that is also an integral part of the world we live in.