suicide prevention

Suicide has reached epidemic proportions in the world today.  I believe that the completion of suicide is a “terrible mistake” that one can make while in the throes of deep depression.  My work in the prevention of suicide helps people realize that this “forever decision” should never be taken impulsively.  Research has shown that more people with an IMPULSIVE personality complete suicide than those without impulsivity.  In fact, most people who complete suicide DO NOT REALLY MEAN to kill themselves.

They are in desperate crises and suicide seems to be the only way out of the emotional/psychological PAIN they are in.  My work helps people realize that there is ANOTHER WAY OUT of their seemingly insurmountable pain.  My message of WAITING, ASKING FOR HELP, and NEVER making this decision under the influence of alcohol or drugs are foremost in my approach.  My focus is to immediately STOP SUICIDAL THINKING, refer for medication and/or hospitalization only with patient consent, and continue talk therapy to work through the depression that has led to suicidal thoughts.

If YOU are thinking of suicide, CALL the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention SUICIDE HOT LINE at 800 273-TALK (8255).  A compassionate trained counselor will listen and give you the help you need.  When people realize that they can begin to shift how they think about themselves, their pain lessons, and they start to feel HOPE for a better life ahead.