Psychotherapy is talk therapy with a professional counselor or psychotherapist that leads to the understanding and resolution of mental/emotional issues which have previously caused emotional pain. My work with people is to help them become centered within themselves by assisting with the inward journey of self-discovery.  Regardless of the stage of development on the continuum of life, my work helps people appreciate and find meaning in the past and look forward to the future with a sense of aliveness that is based on present-moment consciousness.  Through my deep respect and honoring of wherever the client is right now in the conundrum of life’s issues, I provide a safe haven in which clients can experience the freedom to delve into their emotional pain.

Let go of the inner voice of criticism and self-hate and begin to embrace the power of self-acceptance.  Through the work of psychotherapy you will:

Become empowered to be who you truly want to be.

Find the courage to face your fears.

Develop the strength to set healthy boundaries.

Feel hope and joy as you learn to love yourself.